Monday, April 1, 2019

Liver Food from the 90s

Thanks to the variety and star appeal of the more notable food and lifestyle shows on network and cable television, Americans are more in tune with today's hottest chefs, restaurants, and cuisines than ever before.

The Flavors of... Culinary Events taps into this new food-savvy general public, and offers them the perfect forum to immerse themselves in an environment to explore new tastes, sights and sounds - almost as if they were starring in their very own food show with a local celebrity chef!

Flavors of... is a culinary event that spotlights an area's premier chefs and creates a high-end, exclusive, gourmet experience to a limited number of guests. Nowhere else can you see these culinary experts at work, creating a menu that goes above and beyond the usual restaurant fare. This is the time for the chef to expand their creative juices, and they do so with gusto!

Flavors of... was first stirred together by the Arizona Chapter in 1992 as its first major event to raise money for research and education. It was an immediate success! Since 1999, other ALF Chapters have taken advantage of the success of Flavors of…, bringing this this unique culinary experience to their own market. There are now fourteen chapters in all that have made Flavors of... an integral part of their event calendar.

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